Aircraft technical presentation

Principal characteristics

Type : A300 B2
Length : 54 meters
Wingspan : 44 meters
Fuselage diameter : 5.64 meters


Experimentation area : 100 m2 (maximal height : 2,5m)
220VAC electrical power : 20kVA
28VDC electrical power : 100A
4 ports for outside gas vent
Real-time microgravity recordings

Parabolic flights characteristics

Number of experiments per flight : 15
Number of passengers per flight : 40
Duration of microgravity period per parabola : 22 seconds
Microgravity level : +/-0,05g
01.06.15 | VP116 organized for ESA, european space agency

11.05.15 | VP115 organized for the french space agency, CNES

27.04.15 | 1st CoPF organized for the french, german and european agencies, CNES, DLR and ESA. It will be the very first campaign for our new aircraft, the A310 ZERO-G.

Opening to the public of zero-gravity discovery flights on board the Airbus A300 ZERO-G

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